Motorisation And Automation

Just a few short years ago motorisation and automation were a specialist area within the window shading market, it tended to be the domain of high end establishments such as 5 star hotels, large commercial complexes and high end residential buildings. As the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple have convinced us that voice activated assistants are main stream the desire to automate has grown and now is seen as a must have.

Utilising such technology is not about being lazy its about living smarter, rooms can be protected from the mid day sun even if no one is home, blinds can open/close depending on the requirements of the users all at the press of a button or as part of a timed sequence of events.

At All About Blindz we are able to cater for all levels of use, be it simple motorisation of individual blinds controlled by a hand held remote, installation of a central hub (connected to your WiFi) allowing control by your voice assistant, an App on your smart phone and or via a preset schedule. If full home automation is your aim we are able to work with your Home Automation Supplier providing the correct type of motor and blind and ensuring the final connection of your system to the blinds is a simple open and closed affair.


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